CGDA’s Message

I greet all the members of DAD fraternity on taking over as CGDA. Department has always kept pace with the latest developments in the field of accounting, audit and finance and I am proud to say that we have performed our role in a professional and efficient manner. Over the years we have successfully coped with myriads of challenges that came our way and proved our mettle.

2.No organization can remain unaffected by the changes taking place in the environment. There is a need to ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency in our working with the twin target to meet our clients’ aspirations as well to act as watch dog for huge public expenditure.

3.Over the last couple of years the department has taken many new initiative for improvement in service delivery in the area of PBOR Pay system, Pension and E-payments etc. These initiatives have been widely welcomed by the services and defence pensioners. We have to further promote e-governance in the department by identifying new areas where technology can be leveraged for improvement in service delivery in a transparent manner.

4.The role of PIFA’s/IFA’s is expending and interaction between CFA’s and IFA’s is increasing at every level. There is an urgent need for capacity building in the field of financial advice through training and self-education. We have to ensure that a professional and pragmatic advice is given by our IFAs to the executive. IFA is important stakeholder in the organization with which he is working and should play the role of a facilitator while ensuring that the principles of probity and propriety are adhered to in the procurement decisions.

5.We have procedures and systems in our Department which have stood the test of time. However, in some cases they may have to be re-engineered and calibrated to bring them in sync with the changing external environment and technological advances. For this purpose, we may have to revisit our existing Manuals and Codes and update them in keeping with our current requirements and also rebuild capacities accordingly.

6.It goes without saying that we have to strengthen our role as internal auditors. With the increase in government spending and enhancement in delegated financial powers, the importance of audit has increased manifold. We should not only confine ourselves to regulatory and proprietary audit but focus on effectiveness of internal controls, identification and monitoring of risk factors and ensuring value for money.

7.While acknowledging the contribution of staff and officers of Defence Accounts Department in my endeavour so far, I look forward to your cooperation and support for optimising our efforts with a view to making our department more efficient and effective.