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SL No. Contents
1. Seniority Roster SAO
2. CPWD Holiday Homes
3. DAD Guest Houses
DAD Residential Accomodation
List of Retired IDAS Officers
IDAS Officers on Deputation
7. Officers on Deputation with the Department
8. Office Addresses
9. Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence
10. Report of the Ordnance Factories and Regional Controllers Sub Committee - Comments Solicited on Contents
11. Committee on Review of  Training of IDAS Probationers-Report
12. Component of 'Partial Funding of Foreign Study' under the Plan Scheme of DFFT -Consolidated Orders
13. Defence Civilian Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF) - Broucher
14. Defence Civilian Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF) - Revision of Subscription
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